Cerno's Bar & Grill

Cerno's - Kewanee

It all started in Kewanee. The bar in our Kewanee location was imported from Belgium and was built by Pabst Blue Ribbon in 1898. John P. Brady was the original owner; his initials are still etched in the front door glass. The Mahogany mirrored bar spans fifty feet, with hand carved figurines at each end. It is also accented with the original brass fixtures.

Cerno's - Kewanee

Detailed carved lion heads are throughout the building. Along the wall are small buzzers topped with tiny eagles that were used to summon a waiter to the customers. While overhead is an embossed tin ceiling. Stained-glass and leaded windows enhance the 19th century atmosphere.

Cerno's - Kewanee

The brass footed pedestal tables are still here, as is the teller cage where men would cash their paychecks, and then come in for a drink. The brass spittoons are now used as tip jars behind the bar. Years ago when women were not allowed in the taverns, the men would have to take their lady friends upstairs to drink. Their drinks were then sent up to them via the dumbwaiter, which still works today.

Cerno's - Elmwood

Our new Elmwood location was built in 1896. We have remodeled it to give it the same feel and ambiance of our original location. We have 16 draft beers and a very similar menu to Kewanee with a few exceptions. We hope you visit soon and have to same great experiences you’ve been accustomed to in Kewanee

John Cernovich - Owner
Brian Crabtree - Owner
Casidy Tavares - Owner